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English for Medical Practitioners and Students programmes are designed for doctors, nurses, dentists or medical students including other medical professionals and students who need to use English for work or studies. These courses cover medical terminology and practice the use of specialist vocabulary in context including human biology.


English for Medical Practitioners and Students programmes at London House are taught by experienced English teaching professionals and include material drawn from a range of specialist course books and resource books, as well as up-to-date authentic materials.

Course components include;


  • Communicating effectively with patients in English
  • Communicating effectively with professional colleagues in English
  • Discussing treatments, presenting opinions and assessments in English
  • English Pronunciation for Clear and Accurate communication
  • Understanding and compiling patient histories
  • The British National Health Service
  • English Medical Terminology Specialist
  • English Medical Vocabulary in context
  • Medication and medical terms
  • The pharmacy and explaining prescriptions
  • Hospital workers and hospital equipment

Starts any Monday

24.5 hours per week

General English 5 mornings + 4 afternoons Medical English

30 Lessons


Please contact school for Intensive Medical English pricing

Tuition Fees    
1-5 weeks £335 per week
6-11 weeks £318.25 per week
12+ weeks £301.50 per week
Enrolment fee £35  
Course Materials £45  
Host Family Accommodation    

If you have any further questions about this course please either;

phone us on: 0044 (0) 1843 831216
email us at enquiries@london-house.co.uk
or contact us though our contact page.


To enrol please download an enrolment pack here enrolment pack.



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