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Whether you are a business student studying English or a business professional using English at work, London House has a Business English course for you. If you want to make rapid improvements in your English skills for effective communication in the international business world, London House Business English Courses are tailored to your needs. We offer a variety of Business English courses including; General Business English, the Cambridge BEC Business English Examinations as well as special courses for Business Professionals. General Business English


Our General Business English Courses are designed for students or professionals who want to make general improvements in their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills within a business context. This is achieved through practical activities such as role plays, case studies and project work, all with reference to the professional world of business. Courses are designed to meet your needs and all courses are level appropriate. We suggest that students should have a minimum English Level of B1 / Pre Intermediate to attend these courses. People with a lower level of English are encouraged to take a General English course and combine this with Business English.

Course components include;


  • Writing and Reading Business Plans in English
  • Business English and Current Affairs
  • English for Presentations
  • English for Business Negotiations
  • Business English in an International Context including; dealing with different accents
  • Informal Written Business English including; reading and writing reports, memos and emails in English
  • Formal Written Business English; including letters of complaint, contracts and agreements written in English
  • Business English Computer Skills including; navigation of the Internet in English, Emails and other IT
  • English for Business Travel

Non-teaching days: There are no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays

The school is closed on the following public holidays in 2018

Friday 30 March
Monday 2 April
Monday 7 May
Monday 28 May
Monday 27 August

The school is closed for the following period for Christmas and New Year:  

Friday 15 December 2017 to Monday 8th January 2018

Friday 14 December 2018 to Monday 7 January 2019 


Starts any Monday

24.5 hours per week

General English 5 mornings + 4 afternoons Business English

30 Lessons


Please contact school for Intensive Business English pricing

Tuition Fees    
1-5 weeks £275 per week
6-11 weeks £261.25 per week
12+ weeks £247.50 per week
Enrolment fee £35  
Course Materials £45  
Host Family Accommodation    


If you have any further questions about this course please either;

phone us on: 0044 (0) 1843 831216
email us at enquiries@london-house.co.uk
or contact us though our contact page.


To enrol please download an enrolment pack here enrolment pack.



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