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London House Social Life and Activity Programme

At London House we understand that students need a social life, as well as great English language teaching. London House has an active social programme to match our excellent language courses. All our social activities are designed to give students the opportunity to use the English they have learned in class, in a natural context. London House run a selection of afternoon and evening activities for junior and adult students.

Cutural Activities

London House runs a range of full and half day excursions to places of cultural and historical significance including:

  1. London
  2. Canterbury
  3. Sandwich
  4. Dover Castle
  5. Leeds Castle
  6. Margate
  7. Rochester

    An important part of any student's stay in England is their social life, the friends they meet, the places they go as well as how they spend their free time. London House ensures that all students have the most productive and enjoyable stay possible. Part of this is making sure that all trips and activities are well planned, well managed and properly staffed.


Training: Social Assistants are trained to deliver tours and guide students. This includes:

  • first aid
  • knowledge of the route
  • road safety and how to monitor and guide groups of students
  • historical knowledge and information​​

Staffing on trips: London House ensure that students are safe at all times. This achieved by:

  • a ratio of 1 member of staff to 15 pupils
  • students have London House emergency contact numbers
  • students have Social Assistants emergency telephone number
  • Social Assistants, Group Leaders and Coach drivers exchange telephone numbers

Risk Assessment are conducted for trips and activities to ensure:

  • student safety
  • good staff management
  • destinations, venues and transport are suitable and safe for our students


On non-study days and between lessons we organise a range of activities and try to provide them for free or at minimum cost; these will include sports, afternoons on the beach, arts and crafts within the school premises, cinema outings and excursions to major cultural attractions. A sample of our weeks activities can be viewed below.

social activities

Whilst days out can vary in price from £20 to £30, most sports and social activities are either free or will cost less than a few pounds.

In the afternoons and at weekends our social and activities programme includes:


In the evening our social and activities programme includes:

Try unicycling at LHSE!
Circus skills
Table games
Team-building activity
Crazy golf

Sample Programme

Week 1

Activity Time Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Tuition 9-11am Arrival            
Break 11-11:30pm             Full Day Trip to LONDON 8am-8pm
Tuition 11:30 - 1pm              
Break 1:00-2:00pm              
2:00-4:30   2pm
Westgate quiz
Sports activities
Circus skills or beach art
Half day Trip to Canterbury 1:30pm Walk to Margate visit Turner Centre & Old Town  
Welcome Disco
Drum Workshop
7.30pm -9.30pm
International Quiz
8 10.30pm
Evening with Host family Evening with Host family

Week 2

Activity Time Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
Tuition 9-11am Day with host family            
Break 11-11:30pm             Full Day Trip to BRIGHTON 8am-8pm
Tuition 11:30 - 1pm              
Break 1:00-2:00pm              
    2pm Phone Photo Competition 2-4.30pm
Keep Fit Fun
Team Building Activities
1.30-6.30pm Half day Trip to Broadstairs for the Folk Festival 2pm
Choices: Art Workshop OR Learn to play cricket
Evening with Host family
Movie NightWP
International food evening
Murder Mystery Evening
Evening with Host family  
    Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
* Please note: this is a sample activities schedule (from August 2017) and will change from week to week.


Beach art

For students over the age of 18, London House provides a mix of age appropriate activities for students to enjoy throughout the week. Adults are free to choose whether they join these activities or not.

London House also understands that adult students often want to have the freedom to make their own choices. Adult students can make requests and suggestions as to the kinds of activities the school run and we will do our best to help. We will also help students when making their own plans e.g. to join a local gym or to make a booking at the theatre or cinema. We can also give advice about local restaurants, bars and night clubs.


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