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How we care for our students

Student welfare and safety is the top priority for London House School of English. Our high standard of care starts when a student enrols and continues throughout their stay, until they return home. The welfare of all our students is important, but have extra responsibilities when they are under the age of 18. You can download our "Policy on Student Welfare" document here as well as a copy of our "General Consent form".


  1. Student Timetable
  2. Student Accommodation
  3. Staff Selection


Student Welfare


Student Timetable

Before Arrival
First Day
During their stay
End of course

Before Arrival: When you enrol, we will provide you with all your important travel documentation. *If booking through an agent or school, your enrolment will be managed by them. Direct bookings will be managed by London House. During enrolment, we will ask for important information about all our students before they arrive, to help us care for them while they are here.

Information that we will need includes;

Information that we will give you includes;

Useful Links:

> Visa requirements in the UK
> Sample social programme
> Opening a bank account in the UK
> London House Safeguarding Policy (pdf)




First Day: On the first Monday after arrival at London House School of English, all students will be welcomed into the school and helped to settle in.

English Level Test: all students will have a placement test to find out their English level. This is to ensure all students are placed in a class with other students who have a similar level of English. Students will be placed with other students of a similar age and we will do our best to make sure that all classes have students of different nationalities.

Student Induction: after students have completed their test, they will be given a 30 minute induction talk. All students will also be given a handbook which will give them all the necessary information they need to make their stay in England happy, safe and productive. This will be translated by a group leader, if a student's level of English is too low. The Induction and Student Handbook are designed to be understood by students with a low English level.

The student induction covers information about:


Student Orientation: After morning classes and lunch on the first day at London House, all new students will have an Orientation Afternoon. The student orientation afternoon is designed to help the students learn about the local area. They will find important places, such as shops, the beach, the cinema, locations where activities are held and the best way home to to their host family.



During their stay

Responsibility for Welfare

London House has a dedicated welfare officer who has overall responsibility for student welfare; this includes homesickness, illness (including help booking to see a doctor), problems with host families or any other issues.

All other London House staff including teachers, admin staff and social assistants are trained in safeguarding and child protection and are always available to assist with pastoral care of our students.
If a student is part of a group then responsibility is shared with a student's group leaders.

24 hour emergency telephone line
We also have a 24 hour emergency telephone line and one member of staff on call, allowing students, group leaders, host families and parents to contact the school at any time of the day or night if there is a need*.

*Please be aware that calls out of hours should be for emergency purposes only. Non-emergency calls should be made during normal office hours.

In class
Teachers monitor behaviour and inform the welfare officer of any concerns.

In the family
All host families are asked to contact the school with any concerns about the students they are hosting.
(See our accommodation page for information on Host Family quality and safety)

At break times & lunch times (during the week)
There are places in the school for students to spend time together, have snacks and eat their lunch.

After afternoon and evening activities (during the week) and after trips on Saturdays.
Students are expected to go straight home and social assistants monitor the area. Younger students are accompanied home.

When there are no school activities in the evenings and at weekends.
Junior students are expected to stay with their host families. Sometimes group leaders make arrangements to take their students out on an extra trip.
All host families are notified by the school if this happens.

Mid-stay questionnaires
All students are asked to complete these.

Regular meetings with group leaders
Group leaders have regular meetings with their students when they discuss about all aspects of their stay.
Individual students have meetings with a nominated 'leader'.



At the end of the course

End of course questionnaires

All students are asked to complete these. It is important for us to see where things have worked well and where we can improve.




Host Family Quality and Safety

Host Families are at the heart of any students stay at London House School of English. They are the people we trust to look after our students when they are not at school. To ensure we make the right choice of host families, London House carries out checks on all our host families to ensure that all the accommodation we provide is both safe and offers the highest standard of care.

Checks carried out by London House include:

  1. DBS Police Checks to ensure all key adults are suitable to work with under 18's
  2. All adults must sign a declaration of suitability
  3. Fire Safety Checks to ensure all homes have Risk Assessments and have made their homes safe including; Smoke Alarms and CO2 Detectors
  4. Gas and Electrical Certificates
  5. Initial inspections and regular visits from our welfare staff
  6. Feedback forms given to all students to help identify any issues

In addition to these checks, London House School of English has a dedicated Welfare Officer that students, groups leaders and parents may contact if they have any problems or questions relating to our home stay arrangements.

For a full description of our student welfare policy click here


Staff Selection


When it comes to student welfare, nothing is more important than making sure our staff meet the highest standards. We carefully recruit and continuously monitor staff to ensure best practice is always carried out.

Recruitment: before employment

Training: All Teaching Staff must attend an induction that includes:

On-going training:

Monitoring: Teaching staff are regularly monitored through:

For a full description of our student welfare policy click here


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