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English Homestay

During your time with us, you will stay in a local home, giving you a fantastic learning opportunity and the chance to sample real English life. We make every effort to select accommodation to suit your needs and the homestay experience is at the heart of every students’ programme. 

Speak English with confidence 

Quality English Courses

All courses are based on a communicative syllabus and are tailored to suit the individual needs of our students. All lessons are designed to help students improve their everyday English and are linked to the social programme. 

Speak English with confidence 

Social & Cultural Activities

Our social programme includes a wide range of trips and activities that complement and build on what is learned in the class and help you explore UK culture and the local area.

Speak English with confidence 

An Educational & Cultural experience

Learn to use English with confidence

Explore the culture & history of England

During the summer and Easter holidays we run a full programme of trips, activities and English language tuition with homestay accommodation. This is offered as a complete package and includes welfare and pastoral care for students under the age of 18.

Study Holidays

Quality English study holidays in Kent 

Education that builds confidence

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