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Cambridge A2 Key

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

About our course

In the morning, you will attend General English lessons at an appropriate level. These focus on improving your general English language skills.

During these lessons you will practice the four English skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing. Your teacher will also cover grammar and expand your vocabulary. This helps to provide you with invaluable general training in order to take English Language exams.

In the afternoon you will attend our A2 Key Cambridge Exam Class. These lessons focus exclusively on examination preparation and are based on up to date examination course books and past exam papers.

The teacher will also focus on exam techniques and will cover each examination module.

You will be given timed past exam papers to do and you will also have the opportunity to use our self-study examination practice exercises on the school internet for extra examination practice.

You should expect around 1 hour of homework on most evenings.

An A2 Key qualification shows that a student can:
  • understand and use basic phrases and expressions

  • understand simple written English

  • introduce themselves and answer basic questions about themselves

  • interact with English speakers at a basic level.

Reasons to choose A2 Key:
  • Gain a valuable qualification that is accepted worldwide.

  • Improve your work, study and travel prospects.

  • Show that you have the basic language skills you need to communicate in English.


30 lessons per week

5 Mornings 4 Afternoons (21 hours)

Morning lessons are from 09.00-12.30 (includes a 30-minute break)

Afternoon classes are from 14.00-15.30

There are no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays

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