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IELTS Examination

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is taken by over 1.4 million candidates each year. To study at a British university you must have a certain level of English. An IELTS examination will give you a score which universities recognise. The IELTS examination tests your speaking, reading, listening and writing skills at an academic level and requires intensive preparation and skills practice.

On our IELTS Examination course

In the morning, you will attend our group English lessons at an advanced level. These focus on improving your general English language skills at a high level. During these lessons you will practise the four English skills; speaking, listening, reading and writing, cover advanced grammar and also expand your vocabulary. This helps to provide you with invaluable general training in order to take the IELTS exam.

In the afternoon you will attend our IELTS Exam option class. You will now focus exclusively on examination preparation. These lessons are based on up to date examination course books and past IELTS papers and will train students for each examination module. The teacher will also focus on exam techniques. Each week you will be given timed past exam papers to do and you will also have the opportunity to use our computer rooms to do examination practice exercises on the internet for extra examination practice. You should expect around 1.5 hours of homework on most evenings and more at weekends.

There are many benefits to taking the IELTS exam.

An IELTS certificate is valid for two years. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test which means that if you don't achieve the score you need first time you can take the test again.

What will I be able to do after taking the IELTS course?

You will have developed your academic reading, writing and listening skills which will enable you to understand the main ideas of complex pieces of writing and deal confidently with different types of academic text, such as coursebooks, data and statistics, journals, newspapers and manuals. You will also develop your general grammar and structure skills which will enable you to confidently produce clear, detailed writing, expressing opinions and explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different points of view creating a balanced argument. You will have developed your speaking skills enabling you to communicate confidently and effectively in all situations, maintaining a conversation on a wide range of topics, expressing opinions and presenting arguments. You will also be able to actively engage in academic life by participating confidently in tutorials and seminars.


30 lessons per week

5 Mornings 4 Afternoons (21 hours)

Morning lessons are from 09.00-12.30 (includes a 30-minute break)

Afternoon classes are from 14.00-15.30

There are no lessons on Saturdays and Sundays

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