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Trips & Activities

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Safe Enjoyable Educational

An important part staying in England is the social life: the friends you will meet, the places you will go and how you spend your free time. London House ensures that all students have the most productive and enjoyable stay possible. Part of this is making sure that all trips and activities are well planned, well managed and properly staffed.

Our staff are trained to deliver tours and guide students. This includes:

  • first aid

  • knowledge of the route

  • road safety and how to monitor and guide groups of students

  • historical knowledge and information​​

Staffing on trips: London House ensure that students are safe at all times. This achieved by:

  • a ratio of 1 member of staff to 15 pupils

  • students have London House emergency contact numbers

  • students have social staff emergency telephone number

  • Social staff, Group leaders and coach drivers exchange telephone numbers

All activities are design to

  • cater for all ages, abilities and interests

  • be safe, fun and enjoyable

  • give opportunities to use English

Risk Assessment are conducted before activities take place to ensure:

  • student safety

  • good staff management

  • that the weather at the destination is checked prior to departure

  • that coaches and drivers are from reputable firms

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