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U18 Welfare & Activities

Student welfare and safety is the top priority for London House School of English. Our high standard of care starts when a student enrols and continues throughout their stay, until they return home. The welfare of all our students is important and we have extra responsibilities when they are under the age of 18. We have a complete welfare and activities package for all junior students that do not travel with a group leader.

This includes: Dedicated staff members for every 15 students to cover general welfare, student queries, problems and medical needs.

Staff members will:

  • hold regular meetings with all junior students travelling without a group leader.

  • be assigned for evening and afternoon activities to be their point of contact

  • be assigned to check their student ‘group’ in and out of activities and make sure they get home safely after evening activities

  • be assigned on all trips to monitor junior students travelling without a group leader

Examples included in this package are as follows: 4 afternoon activities and 4 evening activities:

  • an orientation tour

  • a choice of sports including; football, tennis and volleyball

  • multi-activities including; art and craft, circus skill, dance and drama

  • Disco and karaoke

  • Drums, Magic, and other workshops

  • Quiz, games and movie nights

  • International evenings

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