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Terms and Conditions

Updated: Apr 3

These Terms and Conditions cover all bookings and enrolments on all and any London House School of English Ltd. (LHSE), English Language School Programmes or Courses. They apply to both individual students and students who have booked with an agency or as part of a group booking. They also apply to staff and representatives of any group or agency using our services. These terms and conditions also apply on trips and activities, including on public or private transport and in any venue, private or public place, used or owned by the school.

Behaviour: A reasonable standard of conduct is expected on all London House School of English programmes and LHSE language courses, trips and activities; including good attendance and study-performance. Customers will also be expected to follow the instructions of all LHSE staff who are responsible for their safety, welfare and well-being and follow the rules of the school, agency and laws of the United Kingdom.

A customer may be suspended or expelled without refund in the case of behaviour that might bring the good name of London House into disrepute: including instances of bullying, vandalism, underage drinking or smoking, drug taking, shoplifting or any criminal or anti-social behaviour of any kind. Any damage caused by a customer must be paid for by that customer in full.

No refund is due in case of expulsion or suspension of a customer from a programme for irregular, anti-social, criminal or disruptive behaviour.

LHSE Liability, Client Liability and Insurance:

What we cover: LHSE accepts and is fully insured for all liability arising out of loss, damage, injury, sickness etc. caused by LHSE employees or their negligence.

What we don't cover: LHSE cannot accept liability for the action or omissions of a third-party or public persons (e.g. hotels, homestay providers, coach-operators), including those contracted to perform services or provide facilities as part of the 'package' or as additional extras; or for any events over which we have no control. LHSE will, however, give any reasonable help in resolving any such disputes with third parties.

In the case of lost or stolen property, whether taking place inside or outside premises hired or owned by LHSE, LHSE is only liable if such property has been entrusted to a responsible LHSE representative in return for a written receipt.

LHSE, of course, accepts no responsibility for loss or damages or changes caused by 'force majeure' events such as strikes, riots, terrorism, war, fire, flood, contagious disease/pandemic, weather problems, problems to transport or similar events beyond its control including all acts of God.

General: You agree to grant to LHSE the worldwide right to perpetuity, without approval or compensation, to use the participant's name, photographic or video image or likeness for our reasonable commercial purposes.

Homestay Accommodation: The following terms and conditions apply:

All homestay placements are subject to availability. Students may need to move accommodation at any time before or during their stay and at short notice. This may be due to any unforeseen reason or changes in the circumstances of the homestay provider or the school. LHSE will make every reasonable effort to meet the request of a customer in terms of homestay placements, including placing students with students of a different nationality and in a homestay that is appropriate to the students’ needs. However it is not always possible to meet every request placed upon us.

All customers are liable to pay for any damage that they may cause at their accommodation.

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